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Crypto Day 4 – although it should be 7

Hi all, I missed a few days because of work and did almost nothing on NFT and Crypto. All because of freelance work 🙁 Back in rhythm.

Briefly about the daily activities

More precisely, about the activities that don’t take more than 2 minutes and which I’ve been doing for a very long time.
There are sites like this:
1. CoinMarketCap – referral link, yeah. There every day there pick up diamonds. Then they buy awards (if we have time). I have all the time it brought no more than $100, not much, but with zero investment.

2. Play2Earn is not a referral service. Promise the launch of awards in January, but for now, you can pick up points in advance.
3. CoinGecko – well, and CoinGecko of course with his “sweets”, I have not brought anything, but just in case I take them when I do not forget.
I have it looks like this, in the morning turned on my laptop, opened these three tabs, take away awards. That’s it, it’s all activity, sometimes I check awards in CoinMarketCap when I get enough diamonds.

NBA Top Shot

Yeah, my last NBA buy was minus $50, but I’m not losing faith in 2 more drops (I might not win them), maybe when the bullpen goes up again like in February 2021. Eh dreamy-dreamy.
By the way, here’s a referral to NBATopShot
And here are the links to the packs:
First one is November 25
Second on November 23


I don’t remember if I wrote earlier or not, but I sold a character in DimensionX. I bought it in early October (I think) for about $80, sold it for $159 (after deducting all commissions). Total profit $79.

Nodу – Sui

Yes, I will be trying it out today or tomorrow. It seems to be promising GEM, so we’ll see. I will sketch some more stuff tomorrow at the same time.

That’s all for now.

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