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Crypto Day 3 – minus a lot of $ ?..

Hello all. Another day went by…

LaLiga Gonzales

I think I bought the LaLiga pack yesterday for nothing. They are still not all sold out… If you’re interested, here’s a link (not even a referral).
These are the guys I got.

LaLiga Gonzales Mint picture

3 Uncommon cards, couldn’t be worse. I think each of them will be worth at best $10. With a pack price of 50, that’s -$20.


NFL All Day drop

The NFL drop is coming soon. That’s the one I have high hopes for. $119. All or nothing!:)


Sei mint NFT

The guys on the Procent team told me about this cool thing.
Again, not a referral.
Here’s the gist:
– connect with a Keplr wallet.
– make 10 transactions on it with test tokens in the Sei test network
– mint NFT

Maybe history will repeat itself as in Aptos. It would be very cool in the such market of course.

Dimension X try to sell 1 NFT

Put 1 NFT I bought for about $90 on the market. Trying to sell it for about $197. Maybe someone needs it:) Buy 🙂


Node – rented a server

Rented and then got confused by the instructions for installing the first Node I saw. I can not do it right away, but the weekend is ahead and, hopefully, I just figured it out.

So that’s the conclusion. Let’s move on, good luck to all.

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