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Crypto Day 2

Crypto Day 2 – things don’t go according to plan

Hi all!
I seem to remember saying yesterday that I will install Node today, but I will start it in an hour, so the instructions will be posted tomorrow at best I think.

Aptos Yacht Club

Well ok, bought it, and got 5 boats of 2 stars each. From the looks of it, I didn’t lose anything, but I didn’t gain anything either. Maybe in the future, they’ll be worth something on the next bullrun.

My Aptos Yacht Club Lol

Dust City and the NCTR token

Yes, I have one NFT Dust City (I bought it for 0.5 SOL, but now it’s worth about 30 SOL). This NFT is in the staking and yesterday I sold 50 NCTR tokens, which is what this NFT mines, for about 1.6 SOL. Not too bad overall. I wanted to buy one NFT for MagicEden – Sorcery, but I changed my mind. WTF… Floor grows, but never mind, the main thing is not to lose money and not to risks all the time.

Event from Binance in honor of the World Cup in Qatar

Thanks to Kirya for the tip. If you go to this link (referral) and mint a free NFT Passport, you can make predictions on upcoming matches. Free activity, yes. Although you need to have an Alpine coin in your wallet for the Passport mint for example (it’s about $3).

Another NFT mint on Galxe

Thanks again Kirya for the link here you can read about the mint, I got it since I already had the NFT from P12.

Any activity in Crew3

Well everything is clear here, I have time – I click on retweets and likes. Nothing new. My community list now looks like this.

My Crew3 Communities

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