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Crypto NFT

Day 1

Crypto Day #1

Hi all. Just a quick recap of my activities today.


Trying to buy the NFT APTOS YACHT CLUB

This is not a tip, not a recommendation (I rather the opposite of advising you not to buy them), but I will give it a try nonetheless. Five pieces for 1.25 APT is practically free. Even if I lose them, it’s no big deal.
If anyone is still interested, here is the link (not a referral)


Morning Activity in Crew3

Here’s a screenshot of what communities I’m in and where I sometimes perform tasks. I have time in the morning while waiting for my wife, instead of getting stuck in my toy or Instagram I go to Crew3, click likes and retweets in Sui and it seems like I haven’t wasted any time.
Specifically today I did everything by Sui, maybe that will eventually bring in some small money.
And here at crew3 link will be a referral 🙂



Watched some guys’ stream with the Nodejumper team yesterday and remembered such a thing as installing nodes. I have done server configuration and even administered some time ago, so I think I can handle nodes as well. Tomorrow I will try to set one up (firstly I will choose testnet) and write a full guide on what and how I did there.


That’s the case because the main freelancer job managed to certainly not much, but it is not a trifle. Good luck to all 🙂

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