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First post

Hello, everyone!

Well, here I created a blog about all sorts of things related to Web3, NFT, cryptocurrencies, and other scams. The first post (this one you are reading now) – is just my thoughts and a brief description of what will be here.

Why I created this blog?

Yes, I do not know myself if honestly. I haven’t written anything for a long time and I’ve probably forgotten how to do it. I even have to write in English (though I have to use an interpreter). I will write about everything I do to make a profit from cryptocurrencies and NFT moves.

Do you sell anything?

Nope. I don’t and won’t sell anything. I have nothing to teach you as I know nothing myself, I don’t give any financial advice and I just write what I do myself. Often I rely on news, advice, and a guide from the Internet from other people. Oh yes, it’s only possible that the links here will be referrals (at least I need to get something from the blog), and maybe someday I will add a donation button, but not this year for sure.

Doing the same as you?

Nope. Once again, I’m not giving advice, I’ve lost a lot of money myself (and keep losing), in all my time in crypto. I’ve been in crypto since about 2016, albeit intermittently. I’ve never counted how much I’m in the black.

To sum up: starting from tomorrow, I will try to write every day at least a small note about what I bought, what I did and all that. It’s not necessarily any kind of investment, very often it’s a free activity.

Good luck and profits, everyone!:)

P.S. Btw, I also have Twitter (well, who doesn’t have it now…), you can find out about new posts there.

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